Emergency Rental and Utility Assistance

Emergency Rental & Utility Relief Program


United Way of Forsyth County is one of two agencies assisting Forsyth County residents apply for the Federal Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP), managed and administered by Forsyth County Government. The ERAP program can help qualified renters with past due rent and utilities. If approved, payments will be made directly to landlords and utility providers by Forsyth County Government. Applications for assistance will begin no earlier than Monday, March 8th.


Before proceeding, you must answer ‘yes’ to the following questions:

  • Are you a Resident of Forsyth County, Georgia?
  • Did at least one person in the household experience unemployment, reduction in household income due to COVID-19 or experience other financial hardships due to COVID-19? 
  • Is your household at risk of homelessness or demonstrating housing instability?
  • Is your need for rental and/or utility assistance?
  • Is your total gross household (including income from individuals living in the household) below 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI) based on the number of persons in your family? (based on gross income)



Who is eligible to apply?

Those Forsyth County renter households with a combined gross household income less than 80% of Area Median Income (AMI) who meet the following conditions:

  • Qualified for unemployment benefits or has experienced a reduction in household income, incurred significant costs, or experienced other financial hardship due directly or indirectly to COVID-19; and 
  • Demonstrates a risk of experiencing homelessness or housing instability; AND
  • Has a gross household income at or below 80 percent of the Area Median income (AMI) with priority given to: 1) households below 50 percent of the AMI, or 2)  households with one or more individuals who have been unemployed 90 days or longer at the time of application



What documents will a tenant need to provide with the application?

At this time, renters will need the following general types of documents/items (e.g., copies, pictures, screenshots, etc.)  along with their signed, fully completed application and Release of Information (ROI) form.

  • Identification (State ID or a passport)
  • Last 2 paycheck stubs from present employer OR if not working, from the last employer
    • Members of your household that are self-employed, provide your 1099 forms from the previous year and proof of any other business -related income and expenses for the last 12 months. This includes receipts, job estimates, or notarized statements from customers showing what they have paid you. Expenses must be verified by purchase receipts or payroll verification for your employees.
  • Proof of unemployment qualification from Department of Labor and separation letter from employer if applicable OR documents showing a reduction in income, significant costs, or financial hardship due directly or indirectly to the coronavirus.
  • Other sources of household income (Family & Children Services, Food Stamps, TANF, Unemployment, W-2 or 1099 income, Disability, Social Security, Child Support, Pension, etc.)  
  • Income tax filings from 2020 filed with all W-2  or 1099 forms
    • If you did not file, you must present a WG15 form from the Georgia Department of Labor with your earnings for the last four quarters. (This form can be obtained by making an in-person request at any Department of Labor Office with a photo ID)
    • If unemployed, provide documentation verifying your unemployment
  • Copy of current lease showing the renter names, address, amount owed, term of the lease, landlord information and mailing address. Include past due rent notice or past due utility bills. Ledger of rental payments and balance due from landlord, check stubs, bank statements and receipts that establish a pattern of paying rent.
  • If applying for utility assistance, copies of your most recent utility bills showing the amount owed, the utility provider and account number. If you have a prepaid utility account, provide 2-3 invoices that show the cost of your monthly consumpstion.



Who is NOT eligible?

  • Renter households that have gross household incomes above 80% of Area Median Income.
  • Renter households that cannot show a ‘COVID-19 hardship’ or risk of homelessness or housing instability through an eviction notice or a past due rent statement.
  • Renter households that receive a monthly federal subsidy (e.g. Housing Choice Voucher, Public Housing, Project Based Section 8) where the tenant rent is adjusted according to changes in income may not receive ERAP assistance.


Click here for the Application form (required, please include original signature)

Click here for the Release of Information Form (required)


Send your completed and signed Application form, Release of Information Form, copy of photo ID and all supporting documents to ERAP@unitedwayforsyth.com


Call our office with any questions 770.781.4110

Note: United Way of Forsyth County works to gather information and documentation to support your case for rental and/or utility assistance due to the impacts of COVID-19 for submission to Forsyth County Government for consideration. Forsyth County makes all determinations as to approval or denial of requests. Should the request be approved, Forsyth County will determine the amount of assistance provided and make disbursements directly to landlord and/or utility providers.